Anesthesia-Free Dentistry

This “practice” goes by many names including Anesthesia-Free Dentistry (AFD), Non-Professional Dental Scaling, Gentle Dentistry, Anesthesia-Free Tooth Grooming. Whatever you call it, it is a terrible idea and owners should be aware that it has the risk to do harm and has no hope of providing benefit. Yet, there are many people who promote and provide AFD around the world.

I have no jurisdiction so cannot do much to shut these businesses down, but I can provide resources here to inform pet owners and help practitioners get the word out. That is what this page is about. I will be sharing various documents, videos and links here. If you are aware of others that I could include, please send me a message through the Contact page.

Blog posts on Anesthesia-Free Dentistry

Contempt Proceedings, 2015

A bulleting from the CVO outlining the cease order and fine levied against the plaintiff for failing to comply with the court ruling.

A step backwards – 2017 Court Ruling

Since it is malpractice for a licensed veterinary to perform AFD in Ontario, when a lay person is doing it, they are not practicing without a license so are not breaking the law.

My Video on Anesthesia-Free Dentistry

I have produced a 20-minute video outlining why anesthesia-free dentistry is not currently illegal in Ontario but is still bad for pets and their owners.

One-page synopsis of 2017 court ruling on AFD

This is a one-page synopsis on the Ontario Superior Court of Justice’s 2017 ruling on AFD. It contains links to more detailed discussions as well.

AFD Resources from the AVDC

The American Veterinary Dental College (AVDC) has compiled a number of resources for pet owners and veterinarians regarding Anesthesia-Free Dentistry (AFD). These can be found by clicking here. There are sheets on AFD, stages of periodontal disease, explanations of the dangers…

Short Video on AFD from VNN

Here is a link to a 3.5 minute video warning against Anesthesia-Free Dentistry

AFD Position Statement from FECAVA

FECAVA and many other European veterinary groups have posted a position statement warning against Anesthesia-Free Dentistry.