This page will be gradually populated with resources as I have time and inspiration to create them. In the meantime, I have a large catalogue of pdf papers and YouTube videos posted at Old CUSP Articles ( New postings here will also have links to resources on the Old CUSP Articles page.


Welcome to the Library. Everything here is open-access and free to anyone with internet access. I have created and compiled these resources in the interest of spreading (my version of) the truths about veterinary dentistry and oral care for pet dogs and cats to members of the veterinary community and the pet-owning public. It would make me very happy if users shared these resources to further spread the word. I just ask that you share them exactly as they appear here by linking back to their location here or printing directly from this site without editing or embellishment.

I have a large library of articles and videos from my former life as a practicing veterinary dentist and those resources can still be accessed by visiting the Old CUSP Articles page at I have included direct links to some of those existing resources below. As time permits, I will go through them to freshen them up and re-brand them for the VetDentEdu Inc audience.

While I make no promises, I am open to listening to reader-requests for inspiration, so if there is a subject you would like me to tackle, send an email and I will give it some consideration.

General Anatomy and Physiology

Developmental Problems

Periodontal Disease

Endodontic (Pulp) Disease

Feline Issues

Traumatic Injuries

Other Oral Pathology

Extraction Techniques and Tips

Intra-Oral Dental Radiology