A step backwards – 2017 Court Ruling

A step backwards – 2017 Court Ruling

In 2014, the CVO was successful in obtaining a court-ruling against one lay-person offering AFD but this only dealt with that one individual and the business she was operating. So in 2017, the CVO brought a case against another individual and her business before the Superior Court of Justice on Ontario. Things did not go as planned. The judge deemed the, because veterinarians in Ontario do not offer AFD (because it is below the standard of care expected of a licensed veterinarian in Ontario = malpractice), a layperson offering AFD is not practicing veterinary medicine without a license and so if free to do so PROVIDED they make it very clear that what they are doing is purely cosmetic and offers absolutely no medical benefit to the animal. Below is a link to a cop

Here is the link to the official court document with my comments added – click here.

And if you would prefer to watch a 20 minute video of me going through this document – click here.

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