A Message From Fraser Hale, DVM, FAVD, DiplAVDC

Board-Certified Veterinary Dentisttm

Welcome to vetdentedu.ca. I will be retiring from clinical practice in May of 2023, after 32 years of doing dental and oral surgery in dogs and cats, and so will have some time to spend offering educational resources to the veterinary and pet-owning communities. That is the purpose of this web-site.

There are various layers of symbolism in the VetDentEdu Inc icon. The icon represents a normal, healthy canine triad in a properly constructed dog mouth. The canine triad is composed of the upper 3rd incisor tooth, the upper canine tooth and the lower canine tooth. In a normal dog mouth, this is how that triad should appear.

One reason for choosing this image is an attempt to normalize what should be far more common, ie proper jaw-length and occlusal relationships. Another reason for going with this image is because VetDentEdu Inc will be engaged in three types of educational activities (a triad of activities, as it were).

  1. This website is the first tooth in the VetDentEdu Inc triad. Through this site, I will be offering a variety of written and video resources regarding dental and oral health in pet dogs and cats. There will be blog postings, printable pdfs and links to videos posted to my YouTube channel.
  2. The second tooth in this triad will be in-person mentoring for selected clinics.
  3. And the third tooth will be webinars and in-person lectures at virtual and actual veterinary continuing education conferences.

Please enter the site, browse around and familiarize yourself with its content. I hope you find it interesting and useful.

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