Disclaimer #1:

Vetdentedu.ca is NOT a telemedicine or advice service. It provides educational resources for members of the veterinary community and the pet-owning public. These resources are of a general nature, and may or may not apply to any given situation. As I (Fraser Hale) will not have an established veterinary-client-patient relationship with users of this site, I cannot offer specific advice to veterinarians or pet owners on specific cases.

Veterinarians seeking advice on dental matters are encouraged to post their questions to the dental folder at www.vin.com. In doing this, they can expect rapid responses from one or more of the many veterinary dental specialists who consult on this page as well as from general practitioners who might have something to add. Veterinarians may also reach out directly to their local Board-Certified Veterinary Dentist™.

Pet owners with concerns about their pet’s dental or oral health should consult with their primary care veterinarian and, where appropriate, may also consult with their local Board-Certified Veterinary Dentist™. 

Lists and location maps of veterinary dental specialists around the world can be found by visiting www.avdc.org (American Veterinary Dental College) and www.evdc.org (European Veterinary Dental College).

Disclaimer #2:

The resources presented on vetdentedu.ca are for educational purposes and constitute neither in-depth training nor instruction on how to treat any particular patient. Clinicians are reminded that they are ultimately responsible for the treatment decisions and performance of those treatments for the animals under their care.

Disclaimer #3

I currently have no financial or commercial attachments to any business entity or brand other than VetDentEdu Inc. I may occasionally be contracted to provide lectures/webinars/resources for industry sponsors but receive no compensation beyond the usual speaker’s fees and expenses. The opinions I express are my own based on my current knowledge and understanding of the subject matter.