Periodontal Anatomy and Progression of Disease

Periodontal Anatomy and Progression of Disease

As a veterinary dental specialist, I am very familiar with the language of periodontal anatomy and pathophysiology and I throw terms like probing depth, cemento-enamel junction and infrabony pocket around as if everyone will know what I am talking about. However, I bet a lot of the people I talk to about periodontal disease in dogs and cats find some of my banter hard to follow. So, here is a (26 minute) video from my YouTube channel in which I explain normal (healthy) periodontal anatomy in a dog mouth and the progression of disease from health through to end-stage. All that is outlined in the video applies to cats as well and, to a large degree, humans.

Link to YouTube video

There is a lot more about periodontal disease to be found at Old CUSP Articles ( and I will be adding more to this site as time goes on.

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