Retired but not Tired

This page is just for fun, and I will use it to share some of the adventures we (my lovely wife, Monica and I) get up to once I have retired from clinical practice.

May 5th was my last day as a practicing veterinarian. We spent the afternoon taking some photos to mark the occasion/transition. Have a look at this pdf to view those images.

[April4, 2023] – While I have not yet actually retired (that is a month off still), in the past few months I have rediscovered my love of wood-working. I used to do a fair amount (nothing complicated or really well executed) but having kids and building a business (and getting into fly-fishing and running) pushed that aside. I will soon have a lot more time available and so am really excited about renewing my relationship with my work shop.

It makes sense really. As a veterinary dentist, I have spent big chunks of every day working with my hands using hand instruments and power tools as well as flexing my cerebral muscles in treatment planning and problem solving. These skill transfer well to wood working. So, this hobby will keep my hands and my mind busy and hopefully I will produce some useful and aesthetically-pleasing stuff along the way while keeping all my fingers where they belong.

Bahamas, 2017

This picture was taken in 2017 during our first trip to a quiet little island in the Bahamas. We have been back several times and plan to continue that habit. The main industry on the island is lobster (crawfish) fishing. There is no hotel, resort, casino, golf course, shopping mall or theme park – just a few small (great) restaurants, some rental cottages and the locals. And a few kilometers of beautiful, uncrowded white sand beach. We were really happy to get back there this February (2023) for two weeks.

Here are some videos I shot in 2019:
-a barracuda –
-a sting-ray –
-drone footage of some nurse sharks cruising the shallows –